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Thompson, Helen & William + Baby

It was brought to my attention recently (by a friend and fellow photographer) that my blog posts are just too darn short. She said I leave people hanging at the end of each post, leave them wanting more. After hearing this, I’ve decided to make a better effort to post longer previews. I can’t promise every single one will be super long, but I can promise to give you a little more. I won’t post every single image, because I want to save some for my clients, but I will make sure to post more than a small handful of pictures. I’m also going to do better about saying a little something with each post, rather than just sharing photos. I think it’s important to include how the photos I’m sharing make me feel and what special occasion is being recognized and celebrated with each session, and I want to introduce each of my clients to everyone because each one is unique and special! I’m looking forward to sharing more with you all.

Meet the Graves family!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting and working with a new family. There is something very special about being invited into a family’s home and getting to photograph them in their private space. I don’t do sessions like this often, but now I definitely want to do more!! Thanks so much, Thompson and Helen, for inviting me into your home. I can’t wait for your little one to arrive! And a special shout out to my new friend, William. I had a great time singing silly songs and talking about trains with him. 

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