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                      MEET KATIE COUNTS

wife / mother / photographer / dreamer

My family is my greatest love and accomplishment. I’m married to my best friend, my rock and my comfort, Aaron, and together we have four wild and wonderful little boys — Colin, Aidan, Brendan, and Duncan. I’m blessed to be able to stay at home with my sons, which is where you can find me during the week – cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, drying tears, kissing boo-boos, mediating, celebrating wild imaginations, engaging in light saber battles and more. It might be crazy, but I really do love every single wacky part of my life.

I love the Lord and try every day to glorify Him in all that I do. I’m an advocate for breastfeeding. I’m a proud baseball mom. I could not imagine life without my iPhone or Target. I love babywearing and cloth diapers. I have a serious weakness for mango smoothies and carnitas tacos. I’m far from crafty, and I’m obsessed with make-up. I love to lose myself in a good book, and every once in a while I’ve been known to stay up past my bedtime for a Netflix binge. I try to be girly even though I’m definitely not, and I’ve never grown out of a need to please people.

noteSuffice it to say, I have many interests – but the one I want to share with you all is my photography. I’ve been shooting professionally for a few years now, and I feel so privileged when people let me into their lives to document special moments and to tell their story. There is something so magical about this particular art form – you hold your breath, hear the click of the shutter… and in an instant you’ve frozen a fleeting moment, captured it in time for eternity.

When I have a camera in my hands, everything makes sense. In the rest of my life I might be ditzy or frazzled or even clumsy, but the moment I pick up my camera everything feels so right. Everything just clicks (pun totally intended).